Daniel Burke

A.I. systems developer,  Engineer.

Artificial Intelligence.

 Intelligence is what makes humans special. with it we rule the world and will go to the stars. My purpose here is to find out how intelligence works and build some software that provides evidence for my ideas.

My definition of intelligence is : Intelligence is the use of knowledge to gain advantage and avoid disadvantage.

Adam was my entry to the Loebner prize (2012), It came third which I was pleased with considering it was my first serious entry.  My latest work is call Aidan, this is a new design, Adam was a standard keyword response system in that it scanned for certain words and responded. Adam had a variety of responses for each found set of keywords and had a few tricks such as a personal history and it made mistake like people do.

I have been working on a new bot for a while. Aidan has systems built in for multimedia such as speech and vision. You can download a version here. Aidan-install, check my blog for the latestest versions.

There software is evolving so expect new versions at a regular interval.

All software is virus and spy-ware free and designed for Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7. I have not tested it on Windows 8. If you get any problems you can contact me by Email.




Machine Translation.

There are too many languages in the world. How wonderful it would be if we could all talk to each other in a single language.  Machine translation would be a fantastic tool to break down the language barriers. True automated translation is still a dream but there has been some progress such as Google Translate.

I am very interested in this field and have written some applications to test out ideas and techniques, they can be found here. 

current research in machine translation

How many languages

Statistical Machine Translation